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Oct 24, 2018 · The variable can be set in your environment and exported or specified directly on the ./configure command line. As of Asterisk 13.18, 14.7 and 15.0, the AST_DOWNLOAD_CACHE environment variable can be used to specify both the externals and sounds cache directory.


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Hi guys, I use to connect the machine using ssh by using oracle ,When I try to launch DBCA It gives error: DISPLAY environment variable not set. When I set this : ... Hi guys, This is my screen: [email protected] AUCS1 ~]$ dbca DISPLAY not set. Set DISPLAY environment variable, then re-run.

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Under COMMAND.COM, internal commands do not establish a new value. Variables. Batch files for COMMAND.COM can have four kinds of variables: Environment variables: These have the %VARIABLE% form and are associated with values with the SET statement. Before DOS 3 COMMAND.COM will only expand environment variables in batch mode; that is, not ... Nov 01, 2019 · Fix issue where text in prompts would fail to display on macOS Mojave (#4497) Fix “Reload App” button for Shiny applications in Firefox on RStudio Server (#4552) Fix issue where themes without names would not use the file name as a name instead (#4553) Fix NULL in code preview on first attempt to import data (#4563)

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Why can't I run GUI apps from 'root': "No protocol specified"? Ask Question Asked 5 years, ... No protocol specified Error: couldn't open display :0 ... X Window is very powerful in this regard and you can display remote applications locally by playing with the DISPLAY environment variable and xhost ...Add the path to the Enterprise Vault installation folder to the PATH variable settings - Access the System application using any method preferred (i.e., right click on the Start menu, select the Control Panel option, then select the System icon). Click on the Advanced System Settings link. Click on the Environment Variables button.

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