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Mar 09, 2019 · The general description of a bullpup is a rifle that has an action located behind the grip and trigger. This usually places the bolt directly below the shooter’s cheek when the gun is mounted. The main benefit to the rear-loading bullpup configuration is that it can house a full (legal) barrel length in a more compact overall package.

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TAKEDOWN AR BARREL SYSTEM - Below you will find all the parts you need to make the AR-15 Takedown Pistol in the video. The 3 Main Components are: 1.The Complete 7.5 Takedown Upper 2.The Law Tactical Folding Stock Adapter 3.The SIG SBX Brace we used o


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What we got here is the bullpup adaptation of the bushmaster acr assault riffle. It took me freaking amount of my spare time to paint it, but here it is. Some of the characteristics I had in mind for this project were: -it had to be a compact design.-Adaptable.-Ergonomic.-The cartridge had to be 5.56x45mm, STANAG compatible.-And lightweight. Re: Bullpup your Hi Point! Yeah, the Hi Point forum I'm on has that all over the place. I do like the looks of it, but the cost kinda bites me in the butt. I'll just keep my 995TSFG as is. Besides, I like the way the homely ol' girl looks! Lol. Henry H006MD3 Big Boy Deluxe Engraved 3rd Edition 357 Magnum/38 Special Lever 357 Magnum/38 Special 20" 10+1 Walnut Stock Blued Barrel/Brass Receiver

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Firing combat drills like pairs, multiple targets, failure drills (two to the body, one to the head) and shooting steel at 25 yards, the Bullpup9 ran without a hitch. By the way, the Bullpup passed my "Wife Test". This is something I do with small pistols designed for concealed carry.The CBPRS bullpup slips on pretty easily, allowing you field strip/un-convert the rifle quickly. Shernics' bolts 20 or so screws around the sks, making it near impossible to field strip, and clean. Of course, anyone who converts an sks to bullpup knows it for looks, not serious business.

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Jul 22, 2014 · Tanfoglio’s rimfire bullpup, the Appeal, is made of polymer and steel. Its controls are ambidextrous, the length of pull is adjustable, and it has irons sights as well as an elevated Picatinny top rail for mounting an optic.

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