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Candid Slice logo. I explore abandoned buildings, forgotten baseball fields and theme parks, underground tunnels, and the hidden history right under your nose.

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Where Psychic Awareness & Personal Growth meet and make you happier. You don't have to feel victimized by invasive or draining people. You can work day by day to have inner wellness and strong energy boundaries so that you are safe and empowered in your life and around others.


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It is also associated with faith, inner wisdom, intuition, psychic awareness. Fire is necessary for digestion to keep us alive. Fire element can be used to destroy and burn negative thoughts that are not serving us. Too much fire however can be destructive: too much sex, too much passion, abuse of power, control and so on.This guided meditation for spiritual growth, The Magical Color Shower, has been designed as an introduction to guided meditation. You will learn breathing, relaxation and visualization techniques to clear your mind of problems and body of stress.Jan 11, 2017 · Personally, though, I prefer the more innocuous “Quiet Moon”, which seems more appropriate for a full moon of reflection and self-awareness. You might consider the January full moon a sort of occult “new year’s eve” in that it is the first of it’s kind in this new year.

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He looks like a new age hippie dork when doing the mudra but... nonetheless the technique might seem legit. Dem' crazy yogis... know what they're doing especially the Hindu Tantric Yogis... those guys at least some them really know what they're doing.Petra Morgan Bondage Forum > Petra Morgan Bondage Forum 4e7d4275ad dr babasaheb ambedkar anand shinde full song http://novamasters.forumegy

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This guy and his "benevolent AI " keep contradicting themselves with every show. His disciples are strange and showed very little respect to you or the audience: a blond who couldn't stop eating in front of camera, an African American who looked sweaty, disrobed and was obnoxiously loud, people leaving for errands, others appearing and disappearing not knowing where in heaven they were ...

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